Are you apart of the Gucci Gang?


Are you as obsessed as I am? unfortunately the only Gucci thing I currently own is a scarf but if you were to check out my Pinterest or Instagram account you would see an influx of Gucci pictures of clothes, accessories and shop fronts that i'm literally obsessed with!

I desperately want/need the following pieces then I can officially be apart of the Gucci gang ( winking emoji face ) 

The ever so Insta famous double GG black leather belt! I am determined to have this belt it looks amazing with almost every single outfit and it can add class and elegance too.  I love that this belt comes in so many widths and colours so you can pair it with literally anything and everything. 

WOW this bag, YES PLEASE. The Gucci Marmont Matelasse Bag comes in a variety of colours but this colour is my favourite so far. I always think that this particular bag really resembles the classic Chanel bag. This is the medium sized bag and being priced at £1620 its definitely something that I won't be getting ( affording ) in the near future! ( sad face ) 

I saw this colour the other day and had to share it across my social media. I love the style and how much of a statement piece this belt is. The buckle comes in either silver or gold. The belt is made out of Italian leather and you can really tell to its so soft and smells expensive, which I love ( yes I've sniffed it ) the only fault I can make of this belt is that its £320. 

Welcome to Winter 

Hello and Welcome to Winter 2017.
This season I am completely upset with the colours: Rust, Mustard Yellow and Maroon. I also have a bit of lust for leopard print but thats a post for another day.. the obsession is still growing in progress.

One of the best feelings in winter is putting your toastie warm slippers on after coming inside from the cold. 

I was so greatfully lucky to get gifted these amazing super soft slippers that I’ve had on my wish list since last winter, they legit feel like I am walking on clouds and make my feet feel so cosy in seconds.  I picked these from the Ladies Heritage Range.. named ' Seaforth ' in the shade 'Mole'.

Here is the product details directly from the website: ' Luxuriate in the Seaforth – a Morlands classic that wraps your feet so wonderfully you’ll want to wear them forever. Beautifully hand-crafted from our unique silky suede with exquisite detailing, and manufactured inside out using the ‘Morlands turn-slipper’ method, resulting in a lightweight and snug slipper. Lined with Morlands’ signature sheepskin renowned for its luxurious texture creating a blissful sense of comfort for everyday indulgence

Whilst others have tried to capture the luxury of the Seaforth, only Morlands has achieved it. '

If you love classic design slippers that are made at a luxury high quality standard then you need to head over to Morlands Sheepskin they have a great variety or traditional English slippers that you will find attractive. 

Make sure you get these before the real winter kicks in and you’ll be wishing you had these to come home too. P.s. Ive just seen they've got new stock in ( LEOPARD PRINT ) I am so totally in love all over again!

Preach for Pinterest

Good Evening, 

I am, as you know.. obsessed with Pinterest. I LOVE IT! 

I have created many public and private boards, both shared and personal to me. Pinterest is such an amazing platform to gather ideas for everything and anything from date nights to carpet choice!

Pinterest is also great because if you see something you like and want.. almost 90% of the time it will link to exactly where it is from and where you can buy it! 

I currently have 10 boards.. a lot of these are for inspiration and some of these are for ideas I will most likely do myself e.g. gluten free baking and DIY creations.

I seriously cannot recommend Pinterest enough!  

Here are a couple of photos I have saved from House Interiors, Outfits and Travelling: 

I am currently saving up for my own place with my partner and we have a shared board for House Interiors that we regularly update, he always adds amazing structural designs, gorgeous kitchens and glass windows and doors that you cant help but fall in love with... whereas I add the cute finishing touches.. The paint palettes, the cushions, blankets and furniture! I AM SO EXCITED TO CREATE THESE VISIONS EEEEEEEK!

OUTFITS! I tend to type in seasonal fashion for the current year so at the moment I either type in Autumn Fashion 2017 or Winter Fashion 2017 and have a look through things that I think would suit me .. then I go and try on something similar in store! Pinterest is like my own pocket personal stylist.

This is another one of my partner and I's shared boards.. this is a fairly new one as we've decided that we want to find pictures online of places we like the look off and make sure that we go there and re create the pictures! How friggin amazing is that gonna be? how exciting! 

So yeah.. thats my current inspiration boards and where I get my ideas from! 

Love Lils xo

Nice was nice


If you love your modern luxuries but also love your old town wonders.. Then Nice is somewhere you need to visit! I went with my partner and his family in September and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! 

Nice has so much culture, vibrance and ICE CREAM! I am not much of an Ice Cream but Nice completely changed that! We spent the majority of our time in the Old Town of Nice. It was full of cute little cafe's, back street shops and buildings you couldn't help but fall in love with.


Our stay was only 3 days / 2 nights.. so we crammed in as much as we could whilst we were there. One of the places we decided we could not miss was Monaco and what a place, wow. We went on a day when there was the annual MonacoYacht Show, which was basically a place for the super rich to find new contacts and show off there Super Yachts, these Yachts were INSANE and such an amazing sight to see, definitely worth having a wonder round if you're around when its on.. £££££'s 

One of the main things that I personally loved about Nice was the cultural artistic views and creations! check out my insta for more photos of my trip to Nice xo

The Jewel Hut - Pandora Special.

Hey Hey, 

Wow I feel so lucky to be gifted such an amazing Pandora Charm from ... I am absolutely in love with the charm ' White Orchid Dropper ' 
This Charm is so perfect for any occasional present or just one to add to your stylish collection.  

I love looking into the meanings behind plants and the symbolisation of them. 
This is the meaning of the White Orchid Flower : 'The white orchid stands for innocence, beauty and elegance. Most of us know or relate to meaning of rose colors. Red means love, Pink means I like you and Yellow means friendship. We never associate orchids and their color meaningOrchidsare more symbolic.'

After looking into the meaning of this flower I feel this charm has a real romantic feel to it and would be great to gift for an anniversary, wedding or even for Valentines Day.

Thank you again Jewel Hut! xo

A Wardrobe Must have by Chi Chi London

Hey Hey, 

Catwalk Inspired Style? Affordable! Classy? If this is something that you look for when it comes to picking out your favourite wardrobe must haves, then you need to get yourself over to Chi Chi London.  

They have a dress for pretty much every occasion from: Bridal, Prom, Occasion, Race Day and of course Casual and Party Wear. You will for sure be The Best Dresses to whatever occasion you are attending. 

I am posting in Collaboration with Chi Chi London I got to choose a dress of my choice from the New In section and it was such a hard choice for me to the point where I got them to choose out of my Top 5 because I just could not pick! They sent my top choice which was the 'Ruth Dress' which as you can see is a gorgeous navy blue dress with a stunning floral lace detailing around the bodice and hem line.

Here is the description from the website 

Product Code : 7901NB'

This dress is an absolute must for your wardrobe, with embroidery taken to a new level with this gorgeous floral design- features a floral embroidered design, a fitted bodice with a high neck-line and thin straps, and a tulle midi skirt with an embroidered hem.
Length From Under-Arm: 83cm
Material : 100% Polyamide
Ideal For Day, Cocktail, Evening, Party & Bridal Occasions'

Love Lils xoxo

Writing with Style - Swarovski Crystalline Stardust Pen

Hola Chicas, 

Yes this post is an extra girly post because a gorgeous pen filled with crystals is mainly aimed towards women.  So obviously one of the most important thing about a pen is.. 
How it writes? well this pen is most definitely my one and only pen to go to.. it sits perfect in your hand and writes so smoothly.

I was sent this gorgeous pen in the colour Lilac, before I was sent this I searched the website and found out that this is filled with approximately 1’300 delicate clear crystals, creating light reflections as you write.

This pen is sleek and elegant and is designed in the highest of quality. 
Here is the stock image from their website which shows the detailing more up close.. 

Love Lils xo