Garden Inspo

I know this isn't fashion or beauty related but I love design, art and creativity.  I also studied interior design and love spending time in a pretty garden. 

I literally spend any moment I'm scrolling through my phone on Pinterest, saving pictures to my many different boards.

Home and Garden Inspo being one of them! I love the idea of having a Country home with an adventurous garden! Let me explain this for as that probably makes no sense at all..

For example this garden below is super cute, its well maintained, has a lovely summer house and a place to eat but what I would like is a mix of the one below and the three above .. Im writing this quite late at night, this probably makes no sense at all!

Either way Im hoping you get the idea of my garden inspiration from the pictures I've found on Pinterest and one day ill hopefully have a garden like this of my own that I can spam you all with pictures of!



I'm off to Newcastle for a few days...

obviously I will be shopping so the next post will be my 'Shopping Haul'



Lately a lot of my clothes all have one thing in common and that is that they are embroidered in some way. This season Embroidered clothing is really in fashion and looks like it will continue on through Summer'17 with runways and catwalks still bringing out these amazing designs.

Here in the UK summer really does not last long so its nice to bring that Floral Summery vibe into all seasons. Embroidery seems to be on all clothing items lately, whether they're Embroidered Jeans, Tops, Dresses, Shorts or even Shoes. It always works.

I am going to show you just a few of my recent buys from over the last 4-6 weeks that all include embroidery.

This dress is one that I brought from Fashion Union Via Lipsy  . I absolutely love this dress for out door day time occasions, for example.. BBQ's, Picnics, Garden Parties and anything similar. Its the kind of dress that could be both casual or dressy depending on how you wear and accessorise it. 

These jeans are one of my favourite pair of embroidered jeans baring in mind I have three that are embroidered. I brought these from Marks and Spencer's.. one pocket has this floral design and the other pocket has a bird design that edges round to the front. Here is the online description and photos

I would say finally.. but this is just a few of my embroidered collection so you will probably be seeing a lot more in the future ( near future ).  I wear bralet's almost every single day as I find them more comfy on my forever changing bra size! This looks so cute over a plain black bralet and is perfect for summer and festival season.

How I Store my Make up

Storing your make up can protect the products from getting damaged but at the same time also keeping them well organised and ready to reach for. 

This is just going to be a small post of me showing you my make up storage, I am one of those people who like decorative and vintage may be even slightly edgy home decor. 

This is such a simple yet easy to find or buy Make up brush storage holder.. this cost me £1 from a vintage country store. I love getting inspiration from Country Homes and White Living Interiors. One of the things I've seen a lot in both of these searches are vintage jars for storage, whether its brushes, ear buds or cotton wool pads.. it always looks cool and qwerky.

The typical clear Cosmetic Organizer, these are in my opinion the best for show casing your products and for easy access to finding the shades you need/want. I got this from Amazon for under £10. This is just one of many different styles and sizes! One of my favourite Make up products is a Lipstick and I love to have my collection on display .. as you can see I only really have two different brands.. Mac Cosmetics and Younique by Lils Beauty Buys.

These are two of my vintage buys both from little Boutique Vintage Seconds stores. Both of these were under £10 each and are probably very old, If you like shabby chic/vintage home decor then I recommend that you visit local vintage auction houses, charity shops or shabby chic boutiques. 

So that's it for my vintage decorative cosmetic organisers and storage holders, I do also have wicker draws, canvas boxes and make up bags but we will leave those for another day.
Let me know what your favourite way to organise your make up is and what you think of mine <3


Pastel Hair inspiration from Pinterest

Lately Pinterest has become one of my favourite Apps.. how did I not know about this before? 
anyway I have about 8 boards that I save my inspirations and ideas too. one of them is Hair and Make up.. I wanted to share some of these with you, tell me what you think and what your favourites are? 

These are all pastel shades that I love but unfortunately do not think I would be able to pull off or even be brave enough!

Lilac is literally my favourite colour in every single way.. I have lilac clothes, lilac nail polish, lilac shoes, underwear, socks the lot! I love lilac so this is un deniably a hair colour I will always love! 

I found this picture today when I searched for lilac hair and wow I think I'm in love with the two tones of baby blue and lilac.. this Is such a pretty mix of the two!

And finally the Pale Pastel pink. I am pretty sure Katy Perry has rocked all of these colours and maybe even Kylie Jenner, whats your thoughts on these? 

What the boyfriend Hates and Rates.

Something a lot of girls wonder is would my boyfriend like this outfit? and what are his actual thoughts on current trends.. 

Well I am going to ask my partner himself his opinions on 5 trends both in fashion and make up, because sometimes we need a mans perspective on what we are wearing and looking like. As girls we see things differently to what they see, obviously every man probably has a difference of opinion on fashion and make up on women.. and a lot probably really do not care but here is what my boyfriend thinks on the following.. 

1. Bright lipsticks

' don't really like them and you look like you're attention seeking '

2. Embroidered Jeans

' They're nice but they're to brave for me to buy them for you.. they either look great or they look awful e.g. stolen from your nan '

3. Sheer Body Suits

' Its a time and a place outfit e.g. holiday, not dinner with your parents. '

4. Cut Crease

' First of all .. ' I don't get it what's different' .. so now I'm showing him the difference between the two..  and all he says is ' its a bit in your face, so we're moving on. Now he's added he can see why I would like it as it looks like you've actually tried with your make up  '

5. Culottes 

' Apart from having a stupid name, I like them, they're alright.. A bit hippy and wouldn't keep you warm in the winter, quite nice in the summer though.  '

So there it is .. his chance to voice his opinion, let me know what you think and if you'd like to see more like this? 

3 Fashion Trends I do not rate

I thought I would do a post on trends I really do not rate this year so far. It's now April 2017 so this fashion trends up until now!  Trends come and go but some of them just stick around whereas some of them really should not.

Here are just a few that I personally think shouldn't stick around or be apart of 'The Fashion Trend'.

 1. Ring Chokers. 

Personally I think that chokers ( in some styles ) can really glam up an outfit or just give that extra something to jazz it up! The ring chokers are just not one of those in my eyes, to be honest I think they look like an animals collar with a hoop for the lead or even something that'd be used on 50 Shades of Grey.

2. Over use of Frills and Ruffles. 

This is just one trend that I really do not understand, I personally do not see what ruffles and frills do for you? especially when so many are used! I have to admit I do have a cute little top which has one ruffle which leads into a bell sleeve but its so simple I think it works. So I do not mind a subtle frill but when it's unmissable its a no no in my eyes. 

3. Ripped in the wrong places jeans.

Now to me this is just wrong, whenever I look at these I just think to myself.. Why? and for what reason would you want rips in those places? I can appreciate they could probably work at a festival but I just do not rate them myself.

Thanks for reading xo