Giorgio Armani: Si vs Ghost Enchanted Bloom

Hello, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend! 
I am a massive fan of Perfume I used to stick to just one perfume brand which was the 
Britney Spears Fantasy range.. which I still do have two bottles off as my middle range!

Ive decided to talk about these two as for me these were at two ends of the budget scale.
I brought both of these from Boots. I brought Giorgio Armani's Si for £67.00 and Ghost Enchanted Bloom for £22.50 which you can see in the links.

I use my Ghost Enchanted perfume for everyday use because its a fresh, fruity and floral all in one bottle but isn't too over powering. Some of the more potent smells are Cranberry, Bergamot and Violet Leaves. I personally like sweet smelling perfumes but this is a personal preference so wouldn't be to everyones likings.
I use my Giorgio Armani: Si perfume on a more special occasion basis as it is more expensive and has an absolutely gorgeous smell I actually was recommended this by one of the people working in boots. Si is intense and soft at the same time It combines an inflection of three accords: blackcurrant nectar, modern chypre and light musky wood. Also opens with Bergamot, Mandarin Oil, Rose may and Egyptian Jasmine. I also think there is a slight smell of Vanilla which really give of this fragrance. I personally think this is a very unique and unforgettable smell.

Heck Sausages - Plump Pork and Apple and Pork Chipolatas - Gluten Free.

I was recently sent some lovely Gluten Free Sausages from Heck Foods. I have only ever been able to  find Gluten free Sausages in the Tesco frozen range so being told about Heck Foods was extremely exciting for me. Today I cooked the Plump Pork and Apple sausages and the Pork Chipolatas. 
The plump pork sausages came in a pack of 6 and the chipolatas a pack of 10, both packs are £3 each which i think is a great price for fresh gluten free sausages and these are at most Tesco stores.
So the flavours in the Plump Pork and Apple were really juicy and you could really taste the sweet apple taste the more bites you took. I slightly over cooked these sausages as my grill decided to suddenly cook them really fast whilst i wasn't looking. whoops my bad! :( These were still a really tasty flavour experience. I will 100% be buying these in the future.
The texture for both the Chipolatas and the Plump Pork and Apple Sausages was really good i like my sausages to have a slight 'squidge' which these definitely had! The skin was natural and not overly crispy or soft and broke up lovely in the mouth without no chewy texture.

Eyes Lips Face vs Clinique (low budget vs high end)

Eyes Lips Face Bronzer: elf and Clinique Blushing Blush Powder: Smouldering Plum
So my elf bronzer was a very low budget buy at just £2.99, 
the design is very simple and elegant and has elf in printed into the powder. 
The bronzer itself is a lovely colour but I do feel that it does not cover
so great, it is a little bit patchy but is good if you just want to do one area of your face! There are many complaints of this colour being too shimmery. I have found that using this product as a highlighter works tonnes better than a bronzer.

The Clinique blusher has a great silky formula and is so easy to apply over the cheekbones! 
I was given this blusher as a present a few years ago and only just started using it, 
I have seen a fair few reviews about how this colour is very popular!
The colour is described as a 'heathered purple', its a cool toned plum/pink shade which is lovely because its not too over powering.
I unfortunately do not know how much this costs but from researching similar products I think it would of been between £20 and £25 which is a little bit pricey but it does last for about 5-6 hours or 7-8 hours if layered on my skin so i think its worth it.

Overall i really feel that spending that little extra money is more than worth it. 
Although I use the Elf Bronzer as a fairly good highlighter
I can't use it for its actual use whereas the Clinique blusher is perfect
for its purpose and is a great product that I really recommend. 

Propolis Creme

I recently ordered some Aloe Vera products, I was very fond of one particular product
which is the: Aloe Propolis Creme.

This is excellent as a skin moisturiser and conditioner, Its main ingredients include Aloe Vera Gel and Bee Propolis with other ingredients such as Chamomile which is one of natures
best known skin care herbs. This moisturiser has Vitamins A and E which is great
for healthy glowing skin. 

My Skin type is often between combination and slightly dry, normally 
dependant on the weather. If its cold I get dryer skin and this product really
helps keep my skin soft and smooth.  I usually apply this straight after a shower
and after I've taken off my makeup before I go to bed.

You can buy this online on the Forever Living website or there are many 
Aloe Vera representatives that can deliver to your door.

My Make Up Wishlist

NARS Pro Prime
Clinique Cheek Pop 
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette 
Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer 
Urban Decay 

Benefit Smokin' Eyes

Smokin' Eyes is one of my favourites but is slightly on the expensive side but it is one of the best palettes to give you that smoky eyes look. This is great for first timers wanting to create a smokey eye as it can be easily created with this kit. The colours are great, the black is a nice matte and blends very easily. The pink highlighter is my favourite.

I love doing smokey eyes its such a versatile look that so many people can wear and pull off. The palette is one of Benefit 

This Kit includes: 
Eye Bright 
Pink Highlight Shadow 
Pewter Base Shadow
Deep Charcoal Shadow
Smokin' Liner
Brow Sings Wax
Fluff Shadow/Hard Angle Brush 
This also came with tweezers but i have them by my mirror!

Some of the things that I love about the palette are that the colours are so versatile,
The Brow Zing Wax makes your eye brows look so natural, 
The diagrams and tutorials that come with are so handy and 
The size of the palette is perfect to hold whilst applying and looking 
through the mirror included.

I have a fair few Barry M Nail varnishes this is actually about a third of them! I have three full boxes of them.. they're my favourite by sure and such a reasonable price too. These are the colours that I have used over the summer. I tend to wear more patterns and colours throughout the summer and are usually more experimental!
I painted my mums nails today with one of the light pinks and added a white polka dot with the Barry  M nail paint pen! with most nail polishes being £2.99 to £3.99 they are so affordable. I do reccommend doing at least two coats to really bring out the colour though. I am a massive fan of pastel colours in everything... lipstick, nail polish and even clothes.
I will be adding a post shortly about the different nail styles that i have done over the summer with my Barry M nail polishes!

My Top 10 Beauty Tips: Daily Routine

Here are some of my Top 10 beauty tips that I use on a daily basis:

1. To help maintain beautiful skin a healthy diet is really key so drinking lots of water and eating plenty of fruit and veg really helps.

2. I often get fairly rosy cheeks naturally and sometimes can't always hide them, a bold lipstick really helps to draw the attention away whereas a neutral colour will just show of your rosy cheeks more.

3. Leave conditioner on your hair for as long as you can in the shower, the longer you leave it the better it absorbs. Also if you can, rinse out the conditioner with cold water as it seals in the cuticles and promotes more of a healthy shine.

4. Apply concealer to your under eye after foundation instead of before and this covers them up even better.

5. Do not rub in moisturiser just pat it on, as rubbing in wipes it off from other areas and you can end up having patchy dry areas!

6. Primer before eyeshadow is so important! it makes your eye shadow a lot longer lasting and can sometimes even intensify the colour. Also when choosing an eye shadow do not use one the same colour as your eyes, your eyes won't stand out otherwise.

7. To make your lipstick last longer apply one layer and then wait a minute or so, then blot with tissue and dust them with your usual powder. After apply another coat and this will leave the colour at lot more longer lasting.

8. Leave in conditioner is my saviour! I have coloured my hair a few times in the past and used to use a lot of heat products.. I now don't do either but can still have the appearance of dry damaged hair. I use various leave in conditioners and oils daily.

9. You can reduce puffy tired eyes by splashing them with cold water or holding something cold on them for 15 seconds such as a flannel with ice cubes inside!

10. I have blue eyes so I apply a peach colour all over my eye lids and underneath my eyebrow this really makes them standout.

I'm so pale! I definitely need to invest in tanning products..

She's so Jetset Limited Edition

Here is another one of my favourite Benefit palettes She's so Jetset: Limited Edition.

I brought this from ASOS for £29.50 but this is now not sold out from what I can see! This set is such a perfect kit for a quick glamorous look. The kit comes with a makeup manual with tips on how to create the effortless look. Great for stepping off the a plane in style or if you are a Air Hostess.

This Limited Edition set includes:
4 shade eye shadow palette
Deluxe the POREfessional
Deluxe they're real! Mascara
First class face powder with brush
Lip gloss in life on the A list
And a double ended applicator.

The colours in this kit are so beautifully effortless and give you such an amazing glow in a glamorous style.When using this kit I start by applying the POREfessional this really moisturises my skin and helps the makeup stay put throughout the day. This also really minimises the look of pores. I then use the First Class face powder on the apples of my cheeks which give the natural healthy glow.
Depending on what look i am going for I will decide on that day what kind of style I would like to make my eyes up to.

Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil is my daily must have, an essential hair foundation. I apply this to my hair once towel dried and brushed and I leave my hair to dry with the Moroccan Oil soaking into my hair follicles. It leaves my hair feeling so silky smooth and makes it look so much healthier.

Ideal for all hair types, is great for styling, finishing and also conditioning. Moroccan Argan oil has a strong ability to restore over processed hair caused by heat, perms, colours and environmental factors.
At £28.99 i really think this is such a must have if you're hair needs that extra conditioning! 

Perk!er Porridge and Rocky Road Bites

After recently being diagnosed as a Coeliac with various food intolerance's I had a big spend out on lots of Gluten Free foods! I was sent a bundle of snacks and breakfast foods from Perk!er.

So far I have tried the Golden Syrup Porridge and the Rocky Road Sharing bitesize tub as seen on their website but are in most supermarkets and also Amazon.

I found the Porridge was so easy to prepare all i had to do was poor out the porridge mix add boiling water, stir and leave for a minute or two! I ate this on the way to work it was perfect for on the go eating... especially if you're like me and tend to run late!

So when it comes to chocolaty gluten free snacks I can never find anything that truly tastes like the non gluten free version, until I found Perk!er Rocky Road in Bitesize chunks! these have an amazing texture and stay together so well and do not crumble before they get to your mouth ( I've found this is a gluten free common issue). 
Ingredients:  Biscuit, Belgian milk chocolate, Vegetable margarine, Marshmallows, White chocolate drizzle, Golden syrup 

These are honestly one of THE best Gluten Free Chocalate snacks around, to make them even better they're just £1.50 and can be brought in stores or online! 

Cabana Glama

Ive decided that I'm going to do a daily post for the next week of my favourite products so far.  You'll find out that I am a big fan of Benefit Cosmetics and use them on a daily basis and also for a night out! here is my four most used palettes.

Today I will be writing about one of my newest palettes from Benefit. The Cabana Glama at just £19, this palette consists of:
Hoola Bronzing Powder
Some kind-a gorgeous medium the foundation faker for medium complexions
Posietint poppy-pink tinted lip and cheek stain
Eyeshadow palette: peach fuzz, bronze buzz and cocoa pizzazz
Double ended sponge applicator
Mini cheek brush

This palette is perfect for giving you that holiday healthy glow without going away. I have used this once so far for an outdoor party in the day time and i had so many compliments on how tanned and rosy my face looked. The eyeshadows are so gorgeous and neutral to give you a natural holiday look. 
I brought this kit to take away with me on holiday but from using it already i will be using it for many more occasions.

The Foundation and Bronzing Powder are a perfect colour for my skin tone. I am fair to medium and i feel this gives me that extra boost of summer sun. The brush is just the right size for brushing over your cheeks!

Little Mix: all about the EYES palette.

This is great for a lower budget eye shadow palette, I personally use this on a daily basis it's one of Collections collaborations with Little Mix! The shades vary from 'Feather' to 'Blackbird' which are all perfect for creating a natural nude to a smokey eye effect. 

This palette was just £3.19 from collection and is an absolute travel perfect essential. My only fault with this palette would be that there are no matte shades, but the quality for this price is a must have.


So I regularly have my eyebrows tinted, plucked and waxed to keep on top of them, but recently I have decided to wait longer between each session and this is all because of the new 'Benefit Gimme Brow' Anyone that asks about my eyebrows (blonde) i have brown hair, wah. I get so excited to tell them about  Benefit Gimme Brow. Considering everyone is so hyped up on the 'Eyebrows on Fleek' i thought this would be a good way to start of my blog. I really like Benefit Gimme Brow because its so easy, has a quick simple brush and dry's so quickly. Not only is it really easy to do but it actual keeps them in good shape for the day. It's perfect for a quick fix or between eyebrow tint appointments.
So this is just £18.50 and comes in two different shades. I use the lighter one as i have very light brown hair but the darker one is just as great as the Benefit lady showed me them both on my eyebrows. Personally i think this product looks so natural yet still 'on fleek'.


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