Heck Sausages - Plump Pork and Apple and Pork Chipolatas - Gluten Free.

I was recently sent some lovely Gluten Free Sausages from Heck Foods. I have only ever been able to  find Gluten free Sausages in the Tesco frozen range so being told about Heck Foods was extremely exciting for me. Today I cooked the Plump Pork and Apple sausages and the Pork Chipolatas. 
The plump pork sausages came in a pack of 6 and the chipolatas a pack of 10, both packs are £3 each which i think is a great price for fresh gluten free sausages and these are at most Tesco stores.
So the flavours in the Plump Pork and Apple were really juicy and you could really taste the sweet apple taste the more bites you took. I slightly over cooked these sausages as my grill decided to suddenly cook them really fast whilst i wasn't looking. whoops my bad! :( These were still a really tasty flavour experience. I will 100% be buying these in the future.
The texture for both the Chipolatas and the Plump Pork and Apple Sausages was really good i like my sausages to have a slight 'squidge' which these definitely had! The skin was natural and not overly crispy or soft and broke up lovely in the mouth without no chewy texture.

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