My Top 10 Beauty Tips: Daily Routine

Here are some of my Top 10 beauty tips that I use on a daily basis:

1. To help maintain beautiful skin a healthy diet is really key so drinking lots of water and eating plenty of fruit and veg really helps.

2. I often get fairly rosy cheeks naturally and sometimes can't always hide them, a bold lipstick really helps to draw the attention away whereas a neutral colour will just show of your rosy cheeks more.

3. Leave conditioner on your hair for as long as you can in the shower, the longer you leave it the better it absorbs. Also if you can, rinse out the conditioner with cold water as it seals in the cuticles and promotes more of a healthy shine.

4. Apply concealer to your under eye after foundation instead of before and this covers them up even better.

5. Do not rub in moisturiser just pat it on, as rubbing in wipes it off from other areas and you can end up having patchy dry areas!

6. Primer before eyeshadow is so important! it makes your eye shadow a lot longer lasting and can sometimes even intensify the colour. Also when choosing an eye shadow do not use one the same colour as your eyes, your eyes won't stand out otherwise.

7. To make your lipstick last longer apply one layer and then wait a minute or so, then blot with tissue and dust them with your usual powder. After apply another coat and this will leave the colour at lot more longer lasting.

8. Leave in conditioner is my saviour! I have coloured my hair a few times in the past and used to use a lot of heat products.. I now don't do either but can still have the appearance of dry damaged hair. I use various leave in conditioners and oils daily.

9. You can reduce puffy tired eyes by splashing them with cold water or holding something cold on them for 15 seconds such as a flannel with ice cubes inside!

10. I have blue eyes so I apply a peach colour all over my eye lids and underneath my eyebrow this really makes them standout.

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