I was sent these to trial today, I am such a big believer in having my daily amount 
of vitamins and minerals. This drink comes in three different flavours and can 
be brought from Waitrose, BP and Superdrug for just £1 each.

Each of these drinks just have 53 calories and a range of vitamins that are needed in your daily diet such as: natural Guarana, Ginseng Root and Vitamin B to help promote energy, Mineral salts are also added to help aid rehydration. They are all sparkling which I love as i can find flavoured still water a bit bland. I have tried a little bit of each drink and my favourite was apple and cranberry I love the flavour. The other two flavours are: Citrus and Zest and Coconut and Lime. 

The Powerful water company do not use any artificial colours or sweetness in any of their products.