Long Lasting High Street Eye Liners

Hello, I am always one to wear eyeliner if I am going out anywhere or to look nice in general. I have tried and tested so many different brands, styles and colours and I really do appreciate a long lasting liner at a high street price.
Here are my top 3 eye liners that I use and each are at an affordable price too.

1. This is Ted Baker Eye Liner Pen after 8 hours of wear, I have been brought two of these eye liners on different celebratory occasions which have come in a Gift Box Set, which you can see here http://www.boots.com/en/Ted-Baker/Gift-Sets/For-Her/     from looking around I haven't been able to see anywhere to buy these individually but to be honest the sets are so gorgeous you may as well buy the whole set!

This is also a strong contender for a long lasting eye liner, as you can see on this picture I have taken my mascara and the rest of my make up off. I have such short eye lashes without mascara! To be honest this Eye Liner hardly smudged at all after a full day of wear and the colour really does stay put. This is just £5.49 to buy from most local drugstores and is a definite must have for the daily make up kit.

Again I have taken this picture after taking of the rest of my days make up therefore my eyelashes and skin does not look great but anyway this post is to see how well the eye liner lasts through a full days wear. This eye liner at £5.99 is a very affordable price although compared to the Rimmel London Eye Liner this has not lasted as well as you can see the colour has faded and the line is not as thick.

I would recommend the Rimmel London Eye Liner if you are looking to buy just the eye liner a lone if you are looking for a set I would 100% recommend buying any Ted Baker set with an Eye Liner included they are excellent and so easy to use.

Naked 2 Palette

Hello, I hope you're all having a lovely Sunday. This is another one of my birthday presents that I got for my 21st Birthday the Naked 2 Palette from Urban Decay. I asked for this palette in particular for the taupe shades and slightly purplish shades!

I have tried this out once so far and created a taupe smokey eye look with a winged eye liner. Once I have experimented some more I will be uploading tutorials on how to create different looks! The colours are pigmented, long lasting and are true to their colour. I do feel that the packaging could be  a little less bulky and more solid but its not for the packaging its for the palette so this is not a huge deal to me.

My favourite colours in this palette are Verve, Pistol and Half Baked which are all shimmery bronze and greyish tones! The only problem I do have with some of the colours are that they are slightly chalky and dusty but after tapping the brush a few times this is not as bad.
The palette comes with a fluffy crease brush on one end and a flat brush on the other end.

What tutorials would you like me to upload? xo

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss

Hello, I just had my 21st Birthday and got truly spoilt by my family and boyfriend. 

I got some gorgeous make up and beauty products. So plenty of products to test out and tell all you lovely people about.  I am a big sucker for lip products, I really do not think you can have enough lip products whether the lip balms, lipsticks or lip glosses. Buy them all!

I was really excited when I received items from Anastasia Beverly Hills I got two lip glosses one is Black Cherry and the other is Socialite, I am so happy that I got two quite different shades one deeper shade and one vibrant shade, I would also love to try a nude shade too. The packaging is simple but slic.

Above Is myself wearing Black Cherry dulled down with a face powder!
Here are the colours shown online for these two, to the left is Socialite and to the right is Black Cherry!
Can anyone recommend a Anastasia Beverly Hills Nude shade in a Lip Gloss? I look forward to your suggestions! xo

Drawing on Eyebrows Help!

I've never really cared much for drawing on eyebrows, I usually just have a tint and wax every 4-5 weeks. Lately I have decided to grow my eyebrows out to be able to have a more desirable shape.

Whilst I have been growing my eyebrows out I have brought a few products to be able to shape my eyebrows and darken them. I tried this on my sister the other day before trying on myself. I am not sure how well I can do this one handed!

I brought Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Stencils which are really great to get the perfect even shape on each brow. I also already have Benefits Brow Gel and a Brow pencil in Brown which is just a cheap drugstore pencil.

Here are my first attempt of drawing on brows on my sister, I think I need to watch a few more tutorials to perfect my technique for sure. The top brow is before and the bottom brow is after. 

Do you have any tips or tutorials to help me perfect the brow game? xo

Insta Natural Skin Clearing Spot Treatment

Hello, A week ago I was lucky enough to be given the chance to trial this product from Insta Natural. This product is usually £59.95 but is currently also on Amazon for £17.95. They asked me about my skin type and I fitted the description of what they were looking in someone to trial.

This product is a life saver for waking up with breakouts! Although I don't have Acne I do get breakouts and my partner is a Personal Trainer and often gets spots due to working out often in hot environments. We both tried this product to try it for our different skin types.

The Ingredients in this product are 2.5% Salicylic Acid and 10% MSM these team together to help minimise whiteheads, blackheads, acne and blemishes.

All you have to do is grab a cotton bud ( do not shake the bottle ) put the cotton bud to the bottom of the bottle and then put the cotton bud on each blemish you are looking to banish. 
I have taken some pictures of what affect this had on my blemishes, the pictures aren't great but this is over five days. Which as you can see I am blemish free by the fifth day! Here is a link to the product on Amazon which is at amazing price at the moment! Insta Natural

What are your blemish fixing solutions? xo

Tan Update

Good Afternoon, 

I have tried one of my gradual tanning products, the Garnier Summer Body. 
I put this on yesterday afternoon at about half 2 and today I have woken up slightly patchy around my feet I think this is my fault with poor application.

This is Day 1 of my tanning progress, I forgot to take a pre tan photo I was a lot paler then this, so far I would recommend Garnier Summer Body Gradual 'Deep Sunkissed' Tan Moisturising Lotion.

I really do love rose gold accessories

This is my latest rose gold edition to my jewellery! I have a gorgeous rose gold Marc Jacobs watch, this bangle and some cute earrings too match! I know this isn't health, beauty or gluten free related buuuuuuttt it's definitely a kind of beauty haha.

Nail Design Sponge Stamper

This is one of those cheap Ebay random buys that you have to try!
This was a silly price like 0.99p for 4 and replaceable sponges. I am a big fan of trying new nail art products.

I only roughly tried this out today by painting three bold stripes onto the sponge and then transferring the sponge on to my nails.. my first opinion is that this does work well if you are looking for a pastel or faded affect. I think that these would work better with a white base painted on to the nails first, which I will have to try next time.

The product itself is cheap and simple but does work really well and is a good nail tool to have in your nail kit, especially for 0.99 for 4 of these.

Black Head Pore Strip

Hello Everyone, 

I have been sent these Black Head Pore Strips from Pilaten, They claim to be able to completely clean all of your pores. I have tried one of these so far and the results are promising. When the mask if fully dried you have to carefully peel of the the mask in dry flakes, the black heads are supposed to stick to the dried mask and get pulled out of the pores of your skin with the mask.


The first picture on the left is the pore strip mask pulled from my mums face, this really worked well on her and you can see the results on the mask itself! The mask is a little like super glue to pull of and actually makes your eyes water, this may of just been for me though because of my skin type!

 Although this worked really well for my mum this did not work for me and has actually caused dry red skin patches on my face which are quite uncomfortable. I personally would not recommend this for sensitive skin which I unfortunately have. 

I'm a newbie to tanning products

Hello Everyone, I am a newbie to tanning products but I have come to the realisation that I cannot be casper anymore and I am not so keen on the idea of sun beds. I have had a spray tan before for my prom and summer ball but I need a easier tan at home option. 

I have brought a few different options to try but to be honest I am looking for help on whats best for example: Creams, Mousse, Spray and then do I get gradual or instant tanning products?

Ive purchased Barry M Spray tan, Johnsons Holiday Skin Gradual Tanner and Garnier Summer Body Sun kissed gradual Tanner.


I would really appreciate alternatives and tips with tanning products! 

Thank you xo

MUA Undress Your Skin

Hello Everyone, Okay so I am in love with these two highlighters at just £3 these are a must have in your make up kit. MUA's highlighting powder instantly radiates and lifts any complexion. I apply this on my cheek bones and under my brow bone to life and accentuate my natural features.

I brought both the gold shade which is a white/gold shade and the pink which is like a rose gold shade highlighter to test both I prefer to use the pink on my cheek bones and the golden on my brow bone.

These are both very similar to the Nars Highlighters these are mostly described as affordable dupes of the Nars Highlighters. Not only do I love these colours the product itself is very pretty and has a gorgeous design. 

The only fault that I have with these is that when using a brush for these powders it doesn't pick up so well but for £3 I really cannot complain.

Gluten Free Biscuits

Hello Gluten free people!

I haven't done a gluten free blog in a little while as I've been moving house and had to re stock all the food due to fridges and freezers needing to be re installed!

Something that I was able to keep was biscuits. I am a huge fan and always have been. Todays review is going to be on a couple of different ones that I keep stocked in my cupboards at all times!

These shortbread biscuits are delicious and un like most biscuits they do not go stale as quickly. They are almost exactly the same as the normal shortbread biscuits that I used to be able to eat. These are great if you like fairly buttery biscuits.

These biscuits are one of my new daily favourites, I often find with a dodgy stomach ginger biscuits can really settle it down! especially with a hot choccy. They are just £1.60 but are often on offer they are great for on the go with four pouches of four biscuits at just 46 calories each. They also do not just crumble the minute you pick them up like most gluten free biscuits!

At just £1.35 these are great they come in little packs of five rich tea biscuits although i don't really think they taste a lot like the original Rich Tea Biscuits I think they are actually better! although if you can't finish the packet they may go stale fairly quickly. 

Lipsticks and Lip Balms

Hello, This is a few of my lipsticks and lip balms that I use on a regular basis.
I also use Barry M but I have written about them ones in a previous post!
I will list these from left to right and I will swatch each one to show you the colour and consistency.

From Left to Right: Ladybug Jane Vanilla Cupcake Healing balm this is american at $3.99 which works out at around £2.50 I think it has a fairly thick consistency but I prefer that as my lips do not cope well with the winter weather!
The Body Shop 100% Natural Lip Roll-On this is just £2.00 from The Body Shop its a roll on liquid balm which looks like a deodorant, it has a gorgeous flavour but there are other options too.
Red Apple Lipstick Maven Mauve this is also american at $23.50 which is roughly £15.40 so this is slightly more expensive then the drug store lipsticks. Below is a swatch of this gorgeous colour.
Collection Field Day 1 Pink Rose and 2 Tulip I brought these from boots for just £2.99 each. They are both subtle matte tones. Above is a swatch of each one.
Collection Lasting Colour Rose Wood this is also just £2.99 from Boots. This colour is more an autumn brownish shade, it also has added SPF 15 so is really moisturising too. below left is a swatch.
Natural Collection Moisture Shine Cherry Red This is just £1.99 at Boots and is also a great autumn shade as its more a dark red leaf like shade. This collection is also very moisturising as it explains in the name. Above to the right is a swatch.
W7 Kiss Chase Electric Pink This is £4.95 which can be brought from most drug stores. This collection comes in 4 pretty pink shades and is a fairly bold outgoing colour. Below left is a swatch.
Sarah Hill Luxury Lipstick Love Struck this shade is a cool pink and is £17.00 so this is also a more expensive range of lipsticks. This particular lipstick includes Shea Butter, Avocado, Jojoba and Vitamins A,C and E. A very moisturising luxurious lipstick. Swatch is above to the right.
Devita International Nearly Nude this shade is a natural sheer flower wax lipstick in a gorgeous nude colour which is perfect for all year round. This is also slightly more expensive and is an american lipstick at $23.95 which is roughly about £15.70 the casing is in a gorgeous autumn red and gold shades. I haven't swatched this shade as it doesn't really show up on camera but it has a lovely shimmer.
Elemental Beauty Natural Lavender lipstick comes in a gorgeous wooden affect casing and has shea butter moisturising agents to keep your lips soft through winter and summer weathering effects. I also have not done a swatch of this one as i haven't used this yet but it looks great for £7.49 I will update on this will as and when i use it!

Thank you for reading! I love lipsticks I have about 30 now my collection is slowly growing! 
Whats your favourite Lipstick brand and what colour? 

Lily xo

Contour Cosmetics 2 Contour Multi Use.

Hello Everyone,  
I received my first birthday present in the post today although its not for a couple more weeks I was allowed it straight away! woooo. 

I got the Contour 2 Multi Use Contouring set. This set is now fully sold out I was lucky enough to get this within the first 24 hours of being launched! I have used this once on myself and once on my sister already I actually got this for £24 in a 24 hour sale but this is now £42 once it is back in stock.

I have a fairly pale skin tone but I thought I would buy this one so I could really create a gorgeous contour on my own and many others. This is so versatile to many different skin complexions and creates a flawless finish with an amazing highlighting effect too. 

I am still learning how to contour watching all the different youtube videos of bloggers and what not but what I found really great about this palette is that it came with instructions on how to contour and what colours are best and where to put them on different face shapes, so useful. (perfect for me) 

Another great thing about this product is that the contour kit is cruelty free, this is really important to me after recently learning what goes into some products ( eww gross ). I originally found this product on Instagram through the countless amounts of celebrities that use this and as soon as I saw that this was on offer for £24 I instantly brought it and it arrived within 3 days too and in pretty wrapping!