Black Head Pore Strip

Hello Everyone, 

I have been sent these Black Head Pore Strips from Pilaten, They claim to be able to completely clean all of your pores. I have tried one of these so far and the results are promising. When the mask if fully dried you have to carefully peel of the the mask in dry flakes, the black heads are supposed to stick to the dried mask and get pulled out of the pores of your skin with the mask.


The first picture on the left is the pore strip mask pulled from my mums face, this really worked well on her and you can see the results on the mask itself! The mask is a little like super glue to pull of and actually makes your eyes water, this may of just been for me though because of my skin type!

 Although this worked really well for my mum this did not work for me and has actually caused dry red skin patches on my face which are quite uncomfortable. I personally would not recommend this for sensitive skin which I unfortunately have. 

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