Contour Cosmetics 2 Contour Multi Use.

Hello Everyone,  
I received my first birthday present in the post today although its not for a couple more weeks I was allowed it straight away! woooo. 

I got the Contour 2 Multi Use Contouring set. This set is now fully sold out I was lucky enough to get this within the first 24 hours of being launched! I have used this once on myself and once on my sister already I actually got this for £24 in a 24 hour sale but this is now £42 once it is back in stock.

I have a fairly pale skin tone but I thought I would buy this one so I could really create a gorgeous contour on my own and many others. This is so versatile to many different skin complexions and creates a flawless finish with an amazing highlighting effect too. 

I am still learning how to contour watching all the different youtube videos of bloggers and what not but what I found really great about this palette is that it came with instructions on how to contour and what colours are best and where to put them on different face shapes, so useful. (perfect for me) 

Another great thing about this product is that the contour kit is cruelty free, this is really important to me after recently learning what goes into some products ( eww gross ). I originally found this product on Instagram through the countless amounts of celebrities that use this and as soon as I saw that this was on offer for £24 I instantly brought it and it arrived within 3 days too and in pretty wrapping!

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