Drawing on Eyebrows Help!

I've never really cared much for drawing on eyebrows, I usually just have a tint and wax every 4-5 weeks. Lately I have decided to grow my eyebrows out to be able to have a more desirable shape.

Whilst I have been growing my eyebrows out I have brought a few products to be able to shape my eyebrows and darken them. I tried this on my sister the other day before trying on myself. I am not sure how well I can do this one handed!

I brought Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyebrow Stencils which are really great to get the perfect even shape on each brow. I also already have Benefits Brow Gel and a Brow pencil in Brown which is just a cheap drugstore pencil.

Here are my first attempt of drawing on brows on my sister, I think I need to watch a few more tutorials to perfect my technique for sure. The top brow is before and the bottom brow is after. 

Do you have any tips or tutorials to help me perfect the brow game? xo

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