Gluten Free Biscuits

Hello Gluten free people!

I haven't done a gluten free blog in a little while as I've been moving house and had to re stock all the food due to fridges and freezers needing to be re installed!

Something that I was able to keep was biscuits. I am a huge fan and always have been. Todays review is going to be on a couple of different ones that I keep stocked in my cupboards at all times!

These shortbread biscuits are delicious and un like most biscuits they do not go stale as quickly. They are almost exactly the same as the normal shortbread biscuits that I used to be able to eat. These are great if you like fairly buttery biscuits.

These biscuits are one of my new daily favourites, I often find with a dodgy stomach ginger biscuits can really settle it down! especially with a hot choccy. They are just £1.60 but are often on offer they are great for on the go with four pouches of four biscuits at just 46 calories each. They also do not just crumble the minute you pick them up like most gluten free biscuits!

At just £1.35 these are great they come in little packs of five rich tea biscuits although i don't really think they taste a lot like the original Rich Tea Biscuits I think they are actually better! although if you can't finish the packet they may go stale fairly quickly. 

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