I'm a newbie to tanning products

Hello Everyone, I am a newbie to tanning products but I have come to the realisation that I cannot be casper anymore and I am not so keen on the idea of sun beds. I have had a spray tan before for my prom and summer ball but I need a easier tan at home option. 

I have brought a few different options to try but to be honest I am looking for help on whats best for example: Creams, Mousse, Spray and then do I get gradual or instant tanning products?

Ive purchased Barry M Spray tan, Johnsons Holiday Skin Gradual Tanner and Garnier Summer Body Sun kissed gradual Tanner.


I would really appreciate alternatives and tips with tanning products! 

Thank you xo


  1. I tan all the time! I hate not being tanned. I've found the best routine that works for me is ill have a shower and exfoliate then moisturise with cocoa butter, then apply my cocoa browns fake tan (at night) sleep in it and then rinse it the next morning. it gives you the best all over bronzed look as it is a mousse. plus leaving it over night ensures it develops properly -xo


    1. Oh thank you that sounds great! does it stain the duvet covers or anything? Would you mind linking me to the product that you use? xo

  2. I think if you had white bedsheets on when going to bed with fake tan needing to be rinsed then it would most likely transfer onto the sheets. I always make sure i put on a black fitted sheet when tanning.

    this is the one I use, its so amazing and a little goes a long way. It also doesn't have the gross fake tan smell which is a huge plus. When applying it and it starts to develop you might have a little freak out thinning you'll be too dark but after rising it off in the morning it will be golden brown and not in your face either haha