Lipsticks and Lip Balms

Hello, This is a few of my lipsticks and lip balms that I use on a regular basis.
I also use Barry M but I have written about them ones in a previous post!
I will list these from left to right and I will swatch each one to show you the colour and consistency.

From Left to Right: Ladybug Jane Vanilla Cupcake Healing balm this is american at $3.99 which works out at around £2.50 I think it has a fairly thick consistency but I prefer that as my lips do not cope well with the winter weather!
The Body Shop 100% Natural Lip Roll-On this is just £2.00 from The Body Shop its a roll on liquid balm which looks like a deodorant, it has a gorgeous flavour but there are other options too.
Red Apple Lipstick Maven Mauve this is also american at $23.50 which is roughly £15.40 so this is slightly more expensive then the drug store lipsticks. Below is a swatch of this gorgeous colour.
Collection Field Day 1 Pink Rose and 2 Tulip I brought these from boots for just £2.99 each. They are both subtle matte tones. Above is a swatch of each one.
Collection Lasting Colour Rose Wood this is also just £2.99 from Boots. This colour is more an autumn brownish shade, it also has added SPF 15 so is really moisturising too. below left is a swatch.
Natural Collection Moisture Shine Cherry Red This is just £1.99 at Boots and is also a great autumn shade as its more a dark red leaf like shade. This collection is also very moisturising as it explains in the name. Above to the right is a swatch.
W7 Kiss Chase Electric Pink This is £4.95 which can be brought from most drug stores. This collection comes in 4 pretty pink shades and is a fairly bold outgoing colour. Below left is a swatch.
Sarah Hill Luxury Lipstick Love Struck this shade is a cool pink and is £17.00 so this is also a more expensive range of lipsticks. This particular lipstick includes Shea Butter, Avocado, Jojoba and Vitamins A,C and E. A very moisturising luxurious lipstick. Swatch is above to the right.
Devita International Nearly Nude this shade is a natural sheer flower wax lipstick in a gorgeous nude colour which is perfect for all year round. This is also slightly more expensive and is an american lipstick at $23.95 which is roughly about £15.70 the casing is in a gorgeous autumn red and gold shades. I haven't swatched this shade as it doesn't really show up on camera but it has a lovely shimmer.
Elemental Beauty Natural Lavender lipstick comes in a gorgeous wooden affect casing and has shea butter moisturising agents to keep your lips soft through winter and summer weathering effects. I also have not done a swatch of this one as i haven't used this yet but it looks great for £7.49 I will update on this will as and when i use it!

Thank you for reading! I love lipsticks I have about 30 now my collection is slowly growing! 
Whats your favourite Lipstick brand and what colour? 

Lily xo

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