MUA Undress Your Skin

Hello Everyone, Okay so I am in love with these two highlighters at just £3 these are a must have in your make up kit. MUA's highlighting powder instantly radiates and lifts any complexion. I apply this on my cheek bones and under my brow bone to life and accentuate my natural features.

I brought both the gold shade which is a white/gold shade and the pink which is like a rose gold shade highlighter to test both I prefer to use the pink on my cheek bones and the golden on my brow bone.

These are both very similar to the Nars Highlighters these are mostly described as affordable dupes of the Nars Highlighters. Not only do I love these colours the product itself is very pretty and has a gorgeous design. 

The only fault that I have with these is that when using a brush for these powders it doesn't pick up so well but for £3 I really cannot complain.


  1. I have the same highlighter and I swear by it! Such a great reasonably priced product :)

    Lotté |

    1. They're amazing I couldn't resist buying both and I don't think I will ever stop buying them now! xo