Contour Palettes: Powder Vs Cream with Contour Cosmetics 2 and Anastasia Beverly Hill Light to Medium

Hello Everyone, 
I now have two different contour palettes: Contour Cosmetics 2 and Anastasia Beverly Hill Light to Medium. 

One of these being a cream palette and the other being a powder palette. I have watched many youtube tutorials and vlog reviews. Although I think that your choice depends on skin type I also think it is your preferred appearance on the skin. I experimented with both using two different brands. Personally I think the powder is much better, this is likely to be because of my skin type and make up routine. Whereas many people prefer the creams.

I like the powder better as I use a light concealer and foundation on my face first and the powder sets nicely into the product and looks more natural and doesn't feel heavy and caked on the skin. If you have oily skin I believe that cream contour kits maybe the better option for you as powder may soak into the oils and look slightly patchy. Although I prefer the powder I do like the cream palette as well as it is slightly easier to blend as is quicker to use but Im not one to 'cake on the make up' and the cream can give this effect.
Here you can see the Anastasia Light to Medium Contour Powder Kit on my skin: 

You can see on the left is the colours blended in and on the right the colour swatches. I love how natural this looks on my skin and blends in so smoothly.

And as you can see on here, although the colours are not much difference they are a lot more dramatic and bold which is not really for me. The contouring tones in this palette are very dark and thick which i found hard to blend in.

I definitely prefer the powder contouring and highlighting kit, It really gives me a natural, healthy glow and blends so much better with no harsh lines.

I hope this helps anyone decide on which type of contour kit you will need, Thanks for reading 

Bomb Cosmetics - Wild Strawberry Bath Mallow

Ive never really brought bath bombs before, I got brought these this christmas and decided to use the Wild Strawberry Bath Mallow one today. They were wrapped in pretty wrapping and ribbons and are shaped like an ice cream cone with a feat of wild strawberries, a hint of sparkling wine, combined with geranium and rosemary oils.

These bath bombs are filled with cocoa and shea butter which deeply moisturises your skin in a hot luxury bath. I didn't get any instructions with these so I waited until then bath bomb fizzed softly releasing its cocoa and shea fruit butters, this took about 5 minutes!

This is how the bath bomb looked after a few minutes, you can see the bath water changing colour and the strawberry pips releasing into the bubbles. Overall this bath bomb smelt absolutely gorgeous and has made my skin feel extremely smooth. I would recommend this as a before bed bath bomb as the moisturiser is very strong and would be best wearing loose clothing after.

Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray

Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray at £21 gives make up a seriously good staying power. I have only tried this Setting Mist once but from the first try it has had really good results. This stops you from having to re apply make up throughout the day as the make up you apply before spraying the mist stays put.

This setting spray dries really quickly so you don't need to worry about it smudging your make up. I have dry to normal skin and this worked well on me. I have read that this product shows the most improvements on oily skin as it really keeps your make up from 'melting off'. 

Has anyone tried this and gone swimming or exercised I haven't tried it yet in these circumstances.. I'd love to know your results? 

Loving Tan Official Deluxe Bronzing Mousse

Hello everyone, I received my Loving Tan official Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in shade Dark. This can only be brought in Australia but It only takes about a week to get to you in the UK and is just over £23. This product has Dual Active Ingredients which are used along with high quality ingredients that give you a natural looking tan.

All of Loving Tan Mousses are hydrating with aloe vera, vitamin extracts and powerful antioxidants.


The best way to apply the mousse is by showering and exfoliating first and once completely dried and moisturised your dry areas.. if you have any, to use a tanning mitt and apply all over the body or in your desired areas! 

Here are my results: (this is my first time using this so its slightly patchy)

This deluxe tanning mouse takes 8 hours to develop so I did mine in the evening and left over night to shower off in the morning.. It had about 14 hours to develop on me. One of the main things I was so happy about with this Tanning Mousse is that it left no stains on my clothing or bed sheets and also dried on my skin within 60 seconds and it was easy to see the areas i missed with the instant tanning agent.

Ted Baker's 'Brilliance of Beauty'

Good Afternoon, I have recently been brought a few different Ted Baker beauty boxes, Here are just some of the products from the Brilliance of Beauty Box. The box itself contains the following items: 
Lip and Cheek Tint, Lip Gloss, Eyeliner, 2x Nail Polish, Mascara, Eyelash Curlers, Eye Shadow x3, Eyeshadow Brush, Blusher Compact, Kabuki Brush and a Lipstick.

This set is perfect if you love really pigmented eye shadows and blushers with a autumnal shades. Not only are the products amazing the box they come in is gorgeous and each product is in the on trend Rose Gold, which is by far my most favourite look for now.

I was very happy with the quality of the products as I haven't tried Ted Baker Make up before the few recent sets I have been brought. The lipstick is a gorgeous peachy tone and the eye shadows are in bronze and golden colours. 

This foundation brush does not come with this set, I have brought this separately I will be writing about this shortly, There is also a mascara which is pretty standard but the eye liner is really great and has a sharp deep black line that really lasts throughout the whole day.

Lastly the compact mirrors on the eye shadow and blush palette are so clear and are a perfect size for using on your cheeks and eyes!

Do you have any Ted Baker products, If so what do you think of them? xo

Self Eyebrow Tinting Tip

Hello Everyone, 
I have a quick tip for anyone looking for a home solution to tinting your eye brows.
I tint my Eyebrows every now and then with Just For Men to make the patchiness of my brows look thicker and darker. This is important as I feel the eyebrows give your face more of a contrast.

This worked really well on my brows. I used a clean mascara wand to apply the dye using an eyebrow stencil that I have. Please be warned that beard dye works quicker than usual dye so I tried this at 30-45 second intervals until I reached the desired shade and each time wiped away the dye with a warm cotton bud. Tinting your eyebrows also cuts down the time taken on your daily beauty regimen.

The dye I used was Just for Men Brown to Black.