Contour Palettes: Powder Vs Cream with Contour Cosmetics 2 and Anastasia Beverly Hill Light to Medium

Hello Everyone, 
I now have two different contour palettes: Contour Cosmetics 2 and Anastasia Beverly Hill Light to Medium. 

One of these being a cream palette and the other being a powder palette. I have watched many youtube tutorials and vlog reviews. Although I think that your choice depends on skin type I also think it is your preferred appearance on the skin. I experimented with both using two different brands. Personally I think the powder is much better, this is likely to be because of my skin type and make up routine. Whereas many people prefer the creams.

I like the powder better as I use a light concealer and foundation on my face first and the powder sets nicely into the product and looks more natural and doesn't feel heavy and caked on the skin. If you have oily skin I believe that cream contour kits maybe the better option for you as powder may soak into the oils and look slightly patchy. Although I prefer the powder I do like the cream palette as well as it is slightly easier to blend as is quicker to use but Im not one to 'cake on the make up' and the cream can give this effect.
Here you can see the Anastasia Light to Medium Contour Powder Kit on my skin: 

You can see on the left is the colours blended in and on the right the colour swatches. I love how natural this looks on my skin and blends in so smoothly.

And as you can see on here, although the colours are not much difference they are a lot more dramatic and bold which is not really for me. The contouring tones in this palette are very dark and thick which i found hard to blend in.

I definitely prefer the powder contouring and highlighting kit, It really gives me a natural, healthy glow and blends so much better with no harsh lines.

I hope this helps anyone decide on which type of contour kit you will need, Thanks for reading 

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