Loving Tan Official Deluxe Bronzing Mousse

Hello everyone, I received my Loving Tan official Deluxe Bronzing Mousse in shade Dark. This can only be brought in Australia but It only takes about a week to get to you in the UK and is just over £23. This product has Dual Active Ingredients which are used along with high quality ingredients that give you a natural looking tan.

All of Loving Tan Mousses are hydrating with aloe vera, vitamin extracts and powerful antioxidants.


The best way to apply the mousse is by showering and exfoliating first and once completely dried and moisturised your dry areas.. if you have any, to use a tanning mitt and apply all over the body or in your desired areas! 

Here are my results: (this is my first time using this so its slightly patchy)

This deluxe tanning mouse takes 8 hours to develop so I did mine in the evening and left over night to shower off in the morning.. It had about 14 hours to develop on me. One of the main things I was so happy about with this Tanning Mousse is that it left no stains on my clothing or bed sheets and also dried on my skin within 60 seconds and it was easy to see the areas i missed with the instant tanning agent.


  1. Hi Lily, I love Australian brands are you going to be trialling any others? I like to compare before I buy!

    1. I will be trying a completely natural Australian brand over the christmas period! Keep your eyes peeled xo