Self Eyebrow Tinting Tip

Hello Everyone, 
I have a quick tip for anyone looking for a home solution to tinting your eye brows.
I tint my Eyebrows every now and then with Just For Men to make the patchiness of my brows look thicker and darker. This is important as I feel the eyebrows give your face more of a contrast.

This worked really well on my brows. I used a clean mascara wand to apply the dye using an eyebrow stencil that I have. Please be warned that beard dye works quicker than usual dye so I tried this at 30-45 second intervals until I reached the desired shade and each time wiped away the dye with a warm cotton bud. Tinting your eyebrows also cuts down the time taken on your daily beauty regimen.

The dye I used was Just for Men Brown to Black.