Get Cosy with Crew

Crew Clothing has really become one of my favourite Country Clothing brands this year! I usually go one of two ways... girly girl dresses, heels and skirts or I wear a wax jacket, jeans and a cosy jumper. 
Here is some cute photos my partner and I took in the country side wearing some of our Crew Clothing favourites.

Here is my partner sporting the Mens Classic Half Zip Sweat, he wears this on a weekly basis as it just goes with everything and anything! 

It is very soft and comfortable and is well worth getting yourself one if you're a man or buying one for your partner as this is a definite Crew must have!

This is just us looking cute and cosy in our Crew Clothing faves... 

Missguided Must haves!


So i have been away from my blog to concentrate on my social media for a few months! which i have no built up to 10k so now i am back and in full swing on the blogging hype! 
I am mixing things up and doing both fashion and beauty.. as these are my passion! 

Over the last few months, weeks... days I have had crazy shopping sprees at Missguided! It is my favourite online store!
Here are some of my recent buys...  ( these are from the Black Friday sale when everything was HALF PRICE )

Khaki Strappy Curve Hem Midi -  This colour is so in trend this winter and really suits my figure, I found this so flattering and have had many compliments too... I got this in the sale for just £6 BARGAIN!

Square Neck Midi Dress - Nude - This dress is super cute and can be dressed up or down to suit all occasions , as you will see I am someone that loves to wear dresses all year round! I am currently a huge fan of body con midi dresses .. this was also just £6 in the Black Friday Sale... another bargain!

Square Neck Velvet Cami Dress Burgundy - This gorgeous deep burgundy luxe dress is perfect for the Festive season, this will be my Christmas Day dress.. I always think that velvet gives of an expensive vibe and for just £9 and still in the sale this is an absolute MUST HAVE! 

Lip Balms for those who are Gluten Free.

Hello Everyone,  I'm sure just like me all of you are finding it difficult to keep those weathered/chapped lips looking soft and smooth through the last few months!

I only have two things that rehabilitate my lips when they're dry and flaking.

Okay so i have two different brands that i use, I have two because i have one that i use every night before I go to bed because its quite thick and strong. This one is my trusty Carmex 'Cherry' Flavour.

'It Soothes, It Protects, It Moisturises' this is what the tub promotes. Which yes i completely agree but i do think it is a little to strong and thick to wear in the day time. Hence why i like to coat my lips in this before I go to bed! 

At just £3.50 from Urban Outfitters its quite the bargain as it really does last. Also it is Gluten Free which is another important factor for me being Coeliac.

The next one is my NEW all time favourite, its only been released this month on March 1st and I love it! Its the Younique Lip Bon Bons which are Tinted Lip Balms. They smell absolutely amazing and i have never used a 'tinted' lip balm before so i now wear mine out all the time knowing that my lips will not chap even with a colour on them!

I have three different Flavours of the Bon Bons because I am going to festivals and abroad this year and knew i would be in desperate need of some lip pampering!

These are on the more pricey side but they are really big a lot bigger than any normal lip balm and they are tinted so no need to wear lipstick. They are £18 each but as I actually sell these products I got mine at a bargain price! 

What are your favourite lip balms? Do you have Gluten Free Make up? 

Let me know! xoxo

A Mac a day keeps the doctors away

I am in love with these gorgeous shades this month! I wore this one for Valentines day with a Lip tint over the top to create an Ombre Lip look! 

I will be showing you this look in the next couple of days just wanted to show my love for this colour today from a lovely instagram post that i found today! 


Summer glow in the winter months

Hello Lovelies, Sorry I have not posted in a while.. I have had the internet company re doing all the wifi lines and also a new kitchen fitted which all caused the electrics to all be off! Very annoying 2 weeks haha!

Over the last two weeks of no internet I have brought a lot of products and have tried out many tanning products! I will be doing a separate blog about these tanning products this week as I have honestly found my favourite tanning product EVER... its completely Vegan Friendly too which is unusual for a tanning product! 

Below is one of my favourite bronzers, I used to use Estee Lauder but since becoming a Younique Presenter I have since found a completely new love for all of their products! Especially as I seem to get the majority of them free BONUS!

This bronzer is gorgeous, its half matte and half shimmer therefore it really looks gorgeous on the cheek bones. I use the matte underneath and the shimmer on the top which really highlights my cheek bones! The above picture of me is not the best of pictures as its taken on my phone but you can see the lovely glow it gives to my face! 

Not only is the product itself really gorgeous, the actual casing itself is to a really high standard and is very classy! I do love myself a bit of class when it comes to make up! 


A makeup tutorial for a Smokey Eyed Valentines Day look.

Hello everyone, 

Below is a make up tutorial for a Smokey eye created for Valentines Day by one of my close friend who is recently qualified as a Make Up Artist! We have teamed up together..using my products and her skills!

Comment what you think of this look? xo

Neutrals: without a SHADOW of a doubt this seasons favourites

Hello Everyone, Every now and then I love to be able to brighten up my my eye make up and experiment with different shades. Ive currently got a craze over neutral, earthy tones and natural shades on my eyes, these shades are great for everyday wear.

I am really impressed with the recent palettes and singles that I have brought and will be using them a lot over the next few months and have done over the festive period. 

The palettes and singles I have above are: Loreal Smoky, Urban Decay Chopper, Collection: Little Mix and MUA. Below is a picture of the Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Chopper and one of the lighter shades in the Little Mix Palette used on my gorgeous best friend.. she is also make up obsessed, just like me.

A really nice thing about having the lighter earthy tones on is that if you want to go for a more deeper and darker smokey eyed look you can always just add to the neutral tones you already have, building the desired look.

I have found that all of these palettes and singles have really good pigmentation, also that price does not seem to affect this as the more expensive shade in Urban Decay is just as good as the lower priced range eye shadow from MUA, I strongly recommend MUA if you are looking for an affordable in expensive palette.

Have you tried any of these brands? Let me know what your thoughts are xo

Mascara of 2016!

Hello lovelies,

Okay so I am super excited to say that I am now a Younique Presenter as I thought, I love make up so much why not join a business thats all about it!.. I would be silly not to. ( I get lots of free products too ) BONUS!

Anyway I have been trying out different mascaras all year and I thought I had found my favourite mascara in November which is the MAC Cosmetics in Extreme Black Lash Mascara which in the above picture and the mascara in use in the below picture!

And then signing up to Younique I was sent a Kit full of there makeup and OMG look how long my eye lashes look after just one application, I don't want to be stereotypical but this is crazy goods! Its called Youniqe 3D Fibre Lash + and you can see the results for yourself!

Whats your favourite Mascara.. have you tried either one of these? xo

Whats on my January Wishlist.

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year, 

I thought I would show you the things Im hoping to get in the January Sales, just incase anyone has reasons not to buy or for me to buy better alternatives.

1. Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip Liquid Lipstick in Donut, Tulle and Trap.

2. Younique Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation in Scarlet

3. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Taupe, Medium Brown or Auburn (I will need to see which colour my natural brows are closest too)
These are my current top three but to be honest the list could go on and on, If anyone could recommend a Brow Liner, Brow Highlighter, A Concealer and pretty much any 2016 must haves Id love to know! xo