Summer glow in the winter months

Hello Lovelies, Sorry I have not posted in a while.. I have had the internet company re doing all the wifi lines and also a new kitchen fitted which all caused the electrics to all be off! Very annoying 2 weeks haha!

Over the last two weeks of no internet I have brought a lot of products and have tried out many tanning products! I will be doing a separate blog about these tanning products this week as I have honestly found my favourite tanning product EVER... its completely Vegan Friendly too which is unusual for a tanning product! 

Below is one of my favourite bronzers, I used to use Estee Lauder but since becoming a Younique Presenter I have since found a completely new love for all of their products! Especially as I seem to get the majority of them free BONUS!

This bronzer is gorgeous, its half matte and half shimmer therefore it really looks gorgeous on the cheek bones. I use the matte underneath and the shimmer on the top which really highlights my cheek bones! The above picture of me is not the best of pictures as its taken on my phone but you can see the lovely glow it gives to my face! 

Not only is the product itself really gorgeous, the actual casing itself is to a really high standard and is very classy! I do love myself a bit of class when it comes to make up! 


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