Lip Balms for those who are Gluten Free.

Hello Everyone,  I'm sure just like me all of you are finding it difficult to keep those weathered/chapped lips looking soft and smooth through the last few months!

I only have two things that rehabilitate my lips when they're dry and flaking.

Okay so i have two different brands that i use, I have two because i have one that i use every night before I go to bed because its quite thick and strong. This one is my trusty Carmex 'Cherry' Flavour.

'It Soothes, It Protects, It Moisturises' this is what the tub promotes. Which yes i completely agree but i do think it is a little to strong and thick to wear in the day time. Hence why i like to coat my lips in this before I go to bed! 

At just £3.50 from Urban Outfitters its quite the bargain as it really does last. Also it is Gluten Free which is another important factor for me being Coeliac.

The next one is my NEW all time favourite, its only been released this month on March 1st and I love it! Its the Younique Lip Bon Bons which are Tinted Lip Balms. They smell absolutely amazing and i have never used a 'tinted' lip balm before so i now wear mine out all the time knowing that my lips will not chap even with a colour on them!

I have three different Flavours of the Bon Bons because I am going to festivals and abroad this year and knew i would be in desperate need of some lip pampering!

These are on the more pricey side but they are really big a lot bigger than any normal lip balm and they are tinted so no need to wear lipstick. They are £18 each but as I actually sell these products I got mine at a bargain price! 

What are your favourite lip balms? Do you have Gluten Free Make up? 

Let me know! xoxo


  1. Carmex will always be an absolute saviour for me! Those Younique lip tints sound great but for me £18 is far too pricey for a lip balm.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  2. I absolutely love Carmex, I've tried one of the Younique lip tints but I'd much rather stick with good old cherry carmex!