3 Fashion Trends I do not rate

I thought I would do a post on trends I really do not rate this year so far. It's now April 2017 so this fashion trends up until now!  Trends come and go but some of them just stick around whereas some of them really should not.

Here are just a few that I personally think shouldn't stick around or be apart of 'The Fashion Trend'.

 1. Ring Chokers. 

Personally I think that chokers ( in some styles ) can really glam up an outfit or just give that extra something to jazz it up! The ring chokers are just not one of those in my eyes, to be honest I think they look like an animals collar with a hoop for the lead or even something that'd be used on 50 Shades of Grey.

2. Over use of Frills and Ruffles. 

This is just one trend that I really do not understand, I personally do not see what ruffles and frills do for you? especially when so many are used! I have to admit I do have a cute little top which has one ruffle which leads into a bell sleeve but its so simple I think it works. So I do not mind a subtle frill but when it's unmissable its a no no in my eyes. 

3. Ripped in the wrong places jeans.

Now to me this is just wrong, whenever I look at these I just think to myself.. Why? and for what reason would you want rips in those places? I can appreciate they could probably work at a festival but I just do not rate them myself.

Thanks for reading xo 

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