Festival Fever

Its getting to that time of year where Festival season is on everyones minds. A time of year where everyone lets loose and pulls out all the fashion and make up stops. Whether they're in fashion or completely wacky .. I have fallen in love with a fair few and I want to show you a few from my Pinterest Boards.

I am all over Daisies and Glitter this year, Just look at these looks I am getting my inspiration from!

GLITTER BROWS - now this is my type of highlighter ... I honestly find festival make up so exciting, it gets all my creative juices flowing!

GLITTER BAGS - this look is one of my absolute favourites, because not only does it look amazing .. but when you're at festival sleep is the last priority therefore the bags under your eyes need covering and what better way to cover them then some glitter, sequins and anything that sparkles.

DAISY PAINT - Daisy face paint looks good on anyone and everyone and its so simple to do ... grab some white and yellow face paint or even eye liners... whether they're perfectly drawn on or roughly done.. they will always make you look festival fresh.

GLITTER ROOTS - okay so as you can see I am basically going to be a human glitter ball this year but to be honest i really do not give a ****.   If you don't get excited about being head to toe in glitter is it even worth going to a festival? ( i mean obviously the music is one of the main parts ) but dressing up is one of my favourite parts!!

All links to these looks are hyper linked. 

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