Pastel Hair inspiration from Pinterest

Lately Pinterest has become one of my favourite Apps.. how did I not know about this before? 
anyway I have about 8 boards that I save my inspirations and ideas too. one of them is Hair and Make up.. I wanted to share some of these with you, tell me what you think and what your favourites are? 

These are all pastel shades that I love but unfortunately do not think I would be able to pull off or even be brave enough!

Lilac is literally my favourite colour in every single way.. I have lilac clothes, lilac nail polish, lilac shoes, underwear, socks the lot! I love lilac so this is un deniably a hair colour I will always love! 

I found this picture today when I searched for lilac hair and wow I think I'm in love with the two tones of baby blue and lilac.. this Is such a pretty mix of the two!

And finally the Pale Pastel pink. I am pretty sure Katy Perry has rocked all of these colours and maybe even Kylie Jenner, whats your thoughts on these? 

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