What the boyfriend Hates and Rates.

Something a lot of girls wonder is would my boyfriend like this outfit? and what are his actual thoughts on current trends.. 

Well I am going to ask my partner himself his opinions on 5 trends both in fashion and make up, because sometimes we need a mans perspective on what we are wearing and looking like. As girls we see things differently to what they see, obviously every man probably has a difference of opinion on fashion and make up on women.. and a lot probably really do not care but here is what my boyfriend thinks on the following.. 

1. Bright lipsticks

' don't really like them and you look like you're attention seeking '

2. Embroidered Jeans

' They're nice but they're to brave for me to buy them for you.. they either look great or they look awful e.g. stolen from your nan '

3. Sheer Body Suits

' Its a time and a place outfit e.g. holiday, not dinner with your parents. '

4. Cut Crease

' First of all .. ' I don't get it what's different' .. so now I'm showing him the difference between the two..  and all he says is ' its a bit in your face, so we're moving on. Now he's added he can see why I would like it as it looks like you've actually tried with your make up  '

5. Culottes 

' Apart from having a stupid name, I like them, they're alright.. A bit hippy and wouldn't keep you warm in the winter, quite nice in the summer though.  '

So there it is .. his chance to voice his opinion, let me know what you think and if you'd like to see more like this? 

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