How I Store my Make up

Storing your make up can protect the products from getting damaged but at the same time also keeping them well organised and ready to reach for. 

This is just going to be a small post of me showing you my make up storage, I am one of those people who like decorative and vintage may be even slightly edgy home decor. 

This is such a simple yet easy to find or buy Make up brush storage holder.. this cost me £1 from a vintage country store. I love getting inspiration from Country Homes and White Living Interiors. One of the things I've seen a lot in both of these searches are vintage jars for storage, whether its brushes, ear buds or cotton wool pads.. it always looks cool and qwerky.

The typical clear Cosmetic Organizer, these are in my opinion the best for show casing your products and for easy access to finding the shades you need/want. I got this from Amazon for under £10. This is just one of many different styles and sizes! One of my favourite Make up products is a Lipstick and I love to have my collection on display .. as you can see I only really have two different brands.. Mac Cosmetics and Younique by Lils Beauty Buys.

These are two of my vintage buys both from little Boutique Vintage Seconds stores. Both of these were under £10 each and are probably very old, If you like shabby chic/vintage home decor then I recommend that you visit local vintage auction houses, charity shops or shabby chic boutiques. 

So that's it for my vintage decorative cosmetic organisers and storage holders, I do also have wicker draws, canvas boxes and make up bags but we will leave those for another day.
Let me know what your favourite way to organise your make up is and what you think of mine <3


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