Preach for Pinterest

Good Evening, 

I am, as you know.. obsessed with Pinterest. I LOVE IT! 

I have created many public and private boards, both shared and personal to me. Pinterest is such an amazing platform to gather ideas for everything and anything from date nights to carpet choice!

Pinterest is also great because if you see something you like and want.. almost 90% of the time it will link to exactly where it is from and where you can buy it! 

I currently have 10 boards.. a lot of these are for inspiration and some of these are for ideas I will most likely do myself e.g. gluten free baking and DIY creations.

I seriously cannot recommend Pinterest enough!  

Here are a couple of photos I have saved from House Interiors, Outfits and Travelling: 

I am currently saving up for my own place with my partner and we have a shared board for House Interiors that we regularly update, he always adds amazing structural designs, gorgeous kitchens and glass windows and doors that you cant help but fall in love with... whereas I add the cute finishing touches.. The paint palettes, the cushions, blankets and furniture! I AM SO EXCITED TO CREATE THESE VISIONS EEEEEEEK!

OUTFITS! I tend to type in seasonal fashion for the current year so at the moment I either type in Autumn Fashion 2017 or Winter Fashion 2017 and have a look through things that I think would suit me .. then I go and try on something similar in store! Pinterest is like my own pocket personal stylist.

This is another one of my partner and I's shared boards.. this is a fairly new one as we've decided that we want to find pictures online of places we like the look off and make sure that we go there and re create the pictures! How friggin amazing is that gonna be? how exciting! 

So yeah.. thats my current inspiration boards and where I get my ideas from! 

Love Lils xo

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