Welcome to Winter 

Hello and Welcome to Winter 2017.
This season I am completely upset with the colours: Rust, Mustard Yellow and Maroon. I also have a bit of lust for leopard print but thats a post for another day.. the obsession is still growing in progress.

One of the best feelings in winter is putting your toastie warm slippers on after coming inside from the cold. 

I was so greatfully lucky to get gifted these amazing super soft slippers that I’ve had on my wish list since last winter, they legit feel like I am walking on clouds and make my feet feel so cosy in seconds.  I picked these from the Ladies Heritage Range.. named ' Seaforth ' in the shade 'Mole'.

Here is the product details directly from the website: ' Luxuriate in the Seaforth – a Morlands classic that wraps your feet so wonderfully you’ll want to wear them forever. Beautifully hand-crafted from our unique silky suede with exquisite detailing, and manufactured inside out using the ‘Morlands turn-slipper’ method, resulting in a lightweight and snug slipper. Lined with Morlands’ signature sheepskin renowned for its luxurious texture creating a blissful sense of comfort for everyday indulgence

Whilst others have tried to capture the luxury of the Seaforth, only Morlands has achieved it. '

If you love classic design slippers that are made at a luxury high quality standard then you need to head over to Morlands Sheepskin they have a great variety or traditional English slippers that you will find attractive. 

Make sure you get these before the real winter kicks in and you’ll be wishing you had these to come home too. P.s. Ive just seen they've got new stock in ( LEOPARD PRINT ) I am so totally in love all over again!

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